Team Building has become an important part of many businesses today. Improving the way employees interact with each other can help with not only boosting morale and performance but contributes to an overall better work environment. There have been many ways companies have achieved this, the latest of which as been through the use of tabletop games. The board gaming world has seen something of a renaissance as of late with x amount of games coming out every year! It can be overwhelming for the average person to cull through them so we will do it for you. Here is a list of games we think are perfect for your next team building event.

Captain Sonar

Captain Sonar by Matagot (2-8 players /45-60 min/ Ages 14) is an excellent competitive team building game. Players work in 2 teams with the goal of eliminating the other team. Each member of the team has their own assigned role to help carry out their mission.


Concept by Asmodee (4-12 players / 40min / Ages 10 ) is great at developing communication and critical thinking skills. Players must use only abstract pictures to communicate complex ideas to each other. Whoever can guess the hidden word or phrase gets the points.


Codenames by Czech Games Edition (2-8 players / 15min / Ages 10) Improve your communication skills, by leading your team to specific spots on the board by giving one word clues. If you can find all of your spies before the other team does your team wins! Codenames has become a staple in the board gaming world with many spin offs including a Disney, Marvel and Harry Potter version. Our Game Library is lucky enough to have gotten our hands on the Giant version of Codenames as well as Giant Codenames Duet and Giant Codenames Picture, in those versions the cards are (2x as big! for 2x the fun)

Dungeons and Dragons

Dungeons and Dragons by Wizards Of The Coast (3-8 players / 3hours / Ages 14 ) DnD has come a long way since the 80s , changes to its playing system and artwork has allowed it to become more mainstream; and with the rise in popularity of shows like Stranger Things and Critical Roll DnD has never been more popular. Dungeons and Dragons is excellent for team building as players create characters and use their special skills in order to navigate various challenges with their team members.

Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time by Atlas Games (2-6 players / 30min / Ages 8 ) Sharpen your quick thinking and public speaking skills. Use The cards in your hand to tell your story, while other players try and interrupt your story and guide it toward their own ending. The winner is the first player to play out all the cards in their hand.


Bohnanza by Rio Grande Games ( 2-7 players / 45min / Ages 12) Build your teams negotiation skills with Bohnanza. This game features extensive trading and deal making. Players make coins by planting beans and harvesting them.

These are our top six picks, though there are lot’s more amazing games that are great for team building.

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