June is Pride Month and to celebrate our Mascot Mary Jane has hand picked some games from our tabletop library for the occasion. At 3 Gear Games we are all about building communities as well as bridges.

We’re Kicking off this list is none other than …

1. Aquarius

By Loony Labs / Designer& Artist: Andy Looney

  • Players: 2–5 Players
  • Time: 20 Min
  • Age: 5+

Aquarius is like Uno meets Elemental Dominoes, where players try to connect 7 of their secret elements on a central board. This game had a bit of controversy when it first came out in 1998 but we think all the rainbows are wonderful.

2. Qwirkle

Publisher: MindWare / Designer: Susan McKinley Ross / Mensa Select Winner .

  • Players: 2–4 Players
  • Time: 45 Min
  • Age: 6+

Qwirkle is one of the best family games on the market today. It’s like scrabble but with shapes and colors. Players choose 7 tiles at random from the bag and try to match up the shapes by making rows, either by color or shape. You score points for the number of pieces you are able to place . If you can place a piece completing a row of 6 different shapes say “QWIRKLE” and score double the points!

3. Splendor

Publisher: Space Cowboys/ Designer: Marc Andre/ Artist: Pascal Quidault/

2014 Golden Geek Board Game Of The Year Winner


Splendor: Because who doesn’t like a little bling bling?

  • Players: 2–4
  • Time: 30 Min
  • Age: 10+

Players are gem dealers trying to collect gems in order to buy mines, trade routes and shops which will then allow you to buy bigger and better ones; all while attracting different nobles to get more points. First player to 15 points wins the game. AKA: couponing for gems.

4. Bunny Kingdom

Publisher: Iello / Designer: Richard Garfield / Artist: Paul Mafayon

  • Players: 2–4 Players
  • Time: 45Min
  • Age: 14+

Play bunny lords trying to settle a new land. During your turn pick 2 cards from your stack of cards to play, then pass the rest to the next person. Whoever earns the most carrots by drafting and building their king’s empire wins.

Hearts Of Attraction

Publisher: R&R Games / Designer: Jeff Glickman

Hearts Of Attraction
  • Players: 2–5 Players
  • Time: 10Min
  • Age: 14+

Our mascot Mary Jane, is really into Hearts Of Attraction by R&R Games. A fast fun game of collecting magnetic hearts, by flicking them into each other. If they stick together you get the heart(s). Winner is the player with the most hearts at the end of the game.

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