We at 3 Gear Games and Roxy’s Artist Co-op are primarily a place to enjoy gaming and painting, as building a community around your hobby is our main goal. That also means we like to keep some supplies on hand that our customers want. So we put in our first order and last night we got our very first shipment!!! The majority of our role players are interested in dice, miniature figures, dice bags and of course RPG books so this time we picked up items for them.

Sirius Dice

Sirius Dice – A new company that has been making some waves in the industry with their amazing color patterns of dice. In addition to coming in reusable tubes you also get 2 D20s! They really understand their market. In 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons players will often be asked to roll 2 D20s at the same time and choose either the higher or lower of the 2. We have already had people come in who are not even hobby gamers buy these dice, which goes to tell you just how beautiful they are.

Miniature Figures

We got the latest and greatest D&D and Pathfinder minis from Wizards Of The Coast and Wiz Kids. Though not as many as we would have liked, because budgeting, we still managed a decent selection, there is even a unicorn in there.  Wizardsofthecoast.storeWizKids! Enhance your game with a unicorn🦄 and crates!🎉

Other Items

In addition to miniatures, we picked up a few Fantasy Flight Dice Bags in Vortex, Tentacles, Sword and Blood…

Fantasy Flight Dice Bags

Dungeons and Dragons 5E Starter Books.

Exciting News for our RPG Community

I just want to let everyone know while your here, we will be starting up some new RPG adventures in June! We already have some GMs on hand including myself to run various RPG games. These will be seasonal RPG games starting from June-August. We will be taking signup to rsvp on May 27th! You can find out more about them in an upcoming blog post, our facebook page and meetup group.

Hope to see you here for a game soon!