RPG Game Masters Wanted!

We are currently looking for game masters that are willing to commit to a 3 month, seasonal campaign starting in June.

Now is your chance to run those games you have had your eye on, be it 1st edition or modern Dungeons and Dragons, Starfinder, Fate, Shadowrun, Pathfinder, Vampire The Masquerade, Exalted, No Thank You Evil etc…..

We will even have our RPG game library, miniature figures, white board wall, for you to use in running your game. New GMs welcomed to signup!

If you are or know anyone who is interested, please fill out this google doc form with your name and the RPG campaign/ edition you would like to run.

If your campaign is chosen we will notify you and add it to our June calendar, from there we will do a social media shout out for people to join it.

Please like and share this post with your friends and let’s get some great RPG games going this summer!


Why 3 Months ?

We found that 3 months gives players and GMs plenty of time to complete their story. It also allows for players looking for a game to have a clear time they can join a new game, as well as give GMs the flexibility to switch to another game, decide to join a game or end it altogether.

What if I am not able to GM once a week?

At this time we are asking GMs to commit to once a week for 3 months. Of course if your game needs to be canceled for a session, due to life happening, please let us know as soon as possible so we can notify the players.

What if I want to continue my game longer than 3 months?

If you find your game running over 3 months and /or you and your players really wanting to continue, you are more than welcomed to continue running your game after the 3 months and you needn’t signup again.

If you have any questions not listed above, please email us at 3geargames@gmail.com or leave a comment below.