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My wife and I are proud to announce the Grand Opening of our game room                    3 Gear Games and art studio Roxy’s Art Co-op. It’s been a long time in the making and I feel like I have been working on 3 Gear Games in some shape or form since high school. So some back story….I came u59320199_2348258735405857_1424501087120916480_np with the idea of 3 Gear Games when I first helped my dad open up The Family Game Store about 13 years ago. After listening to some game designers and talking to our customer base about what went into a great game, I came up with the name.  At the time I thought in order to make a fully rounded game there needed to be 3 inter-locking mechanics; like 3 gears winding together to make the gears turn. Really good games understand and tap into the value of play, the excitement of exploration and the transformative power of fellowship. I extended this idea to my design philosophy to build role playing worlds and design board games. I find looking at things in 3 aspects helps give a more diverse point of view in the things that I do.

So, that’s a little bit of back story with the name, but it’s still a big jump from that to starting my own business.

My family always came together around role playing; I made my first character when I was 8. During college I worked at Wizards Of The Coast and helped opened the Owenings Mills location. When it liquidated I was devastated that door was closed, but a new one opened  I went on to startup The Family Game Store with my dad, inside The Historic Savage Mill. While it started off as more of a partnership, I felt more and more like a sales associate with no real say over the company. Around 2015 my girlfriend at the time moved to Japan, saying this was another low point for me would be an understatement. Again, another window opened, when an opportunity to join her came up. I quickly packed my bags and set off for the land of the rising sun. Needless to say, the life as a tourist vs the reality of living in the country was a roller coaster of epic wins and fails.

Fast forward to 2018, the opportunity to come back and work at The Family Game Store again with my now wife came up. The new partners of the store, approached us with an offer and it’s possible that homesickness and a strong desire to do my best to turn things around, clouded my better judgement. Then again, we wouldn’t be here now had I said no.

After a year of being back, we found ourselves with the store closing, which came as a shock to many of our customers; especially due to the great job my wife was doing for our digital marketing. Despite all of our hard work and best efforts the store closed. While I can’t get into the details of the closing, to say it was a bitter pill to swallow would be an understatement.

That leads us to where we are today, with our Grand Opening!


Our model is so different than anything in the game industry today, but one we have found fills a void within the gaming community. We are primarily focused on bringing people together, be it through games and/or art. During my time working  at The Family Game Store, many customers wanted to buy a certain game but held off as they could not find anyone to play them with; Some found that they had more games at home than they could ever get around to or hated the pressure they felt to buy products when playing at their Friendly Local Game Stores. We also found that many RPG players felt displaced on Friday nights, due to Magic The Gathering  taking up that time slot. We also found an untapped market of would-be tabletop gamers that felt put off by the ultra-competitive nature of some stores, or they didn’t feel a welcoming atmosphere towards minorities, women, the LGBTQ community, low income house holds, and/or kid friendly.

The 3 Gear Game Room is our attempt to solve these problems.

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3 Gear Games is your play-space to gather and play those games you can’t find others to play with, be it Gloomhaven, Pandemic Legacy or older editions of Dungeons and Dragon etc…

We want to get more people into the hobby and welcome everyone; which means a win for you wanting to try out games and a win for FLGS everywhere as it grows the hobby.


Inside the charming Historic Savage Mill 

8600 Foundry Street, Savage Maryland 20763

2F New Weave Building,

Additional Parking can be found in the West Parking Lot.

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Business Hours

Our Hours are usually extended for events. We stay opened usually until 12am on Saturday for Board Game Night.

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May Event Calendar

Check out our events on facebook 

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A Game pass will grant you access to our game library with a variety of popular tabletop games and rpg books, miniatures and terrain. Our friendly staff will even be on hand to show you how to play. Play all day without any pressure to buy products. Join in our various events for Free or low cost to our members.
  • Day Pass $5 *pick up our stamp card, when you buy 9 play passes get a 10th free!
  • Monthly Pass $35 makes sense if you come more than once a week
  • Season Pass $100 great for our seasonal 3 month RPG games
  • Yearly Pass $380

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Hopefully, we will see you at our shop.

Our website will be up and running soon , under http://www.3geargames.com in the mean time….

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Stewart  and Lena Sinex


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Just want to give a special thank you to everyone who has helped us so far  turn our dream into reality!