Ok as promised here are the rules for the Horror Game that I have been working on.

The components have been modified for a deck of playing cards for people who want to try this at home.

Also some notes on my thoughts about the current game will be at the end.


  • 18 cards from a deck of playing cards,  (9 through ace) from hearts,diamonds, and clubs.
  • 2 tokens
  • paper.

First draw the board below on a peace of paper. The suites marked on the example should match the suites you picked.

The lines on the board are the paths and the circles are spaces.

Find a token for the monster and a token for the teen.


  • Give the 3 aces to the teen.
  • The rest of the cards are given to the monster.
  • Starting with the monster each player places their piece anywhere on the board.

Game Play

Each turn has 3 steps

  1. First, each player places a card face down in front of them.
  2. Next both players reveal their card and move their piece. The players moves on the path that matches the card they played
  3.  Lastly, move all the cards to the discard pile.

When the teen only has one card the monster takes one card from the discard and the teen takes the rest of the cards from the discard pile.

Ending the game.

If the monster cannot play a card then the teen wins.

If the teen and the monster are on the same space or pass each other on the same path, the monster catches the teen and wins.

The aces.

The teen ,at the end of any turn, may discard an ace and 2 other cards of the same suit from the game. If all 3 aces are discarded then the winning conditions switch.

So if the monster cannot play a card the monster wins.

If the teen catches the monster, the teen wins.

Designers Notes: 

While I’m trying to capture the feeling of horror, this game is less of a horror book and more of a basement chase.  There is still unfortunately only a little tension and anticipation of horror than I would like.

So please try this game and let me what you think of it.

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