I started on a small micro horror game, I will have a set of rules in the next fortnight after Thanksgivings playtesting.

The interaction for this game came from listening to On Board Games #215. On the episode the guest Mike Selinker said that in a horror game you must have an abuser and a victim.  -wow- not a monsters, not a horde of zombies, but an abuser.

So what is in this relationship?  An abuser has all the power, the abuser brakes the rules.  The abuser is something that the victim can’t stand up to.  The victim thinks that the abuser is in control.

As long as this relationship stays the same, the abuser brakes the victim and wins.  On the other hand the victim can win by surviving the encounter unbroken like Ripley in Alien,  or becomes the abuser by flipping the roles onto the monster like the “Children” do in It.

So for the horror game, I gotta find a name, I try to simulate this by each player placing a face down card in front of the player and both players flip the cards simultaneously to move their pawns. Then the cards are given to the victim. If the abuser catches the victim then the monster wins. If the victim lasts until the monster runs out of cards, the victim wins.  However if the victim meets a specific condition, the goals are switched. So the abuser wins for surviving and the victim wins for catching the monster.

So the challenge is, how do you make the abuser feel powerful but not steam roll the victim?  I think I will write about that next time since it feels like a big conceptual nut to crack.

Well that’s all  for now, I will make a written rule sheet soon and then part 2 of this article.  If you have any request for topics or thoughts on this post please leave a comment below

Thank you for reading.