Hi everyone, Stewart here


As mentioned on a past post I started working with an artist.  Which brings us up to contracts.  My artist is an old friend from high school.  So it maybe easy for people to think that because we are good friends we don’t need a contract.  So for those with such thoughts, here is what it comes down to.

Contracts are all about protection.  So you have to think of them as protecting your friendship.  You know how people say don’t do business with friends/ family.  Well contracts keep the agreement clear.  It keeps a dividing line between business and personal lives.  It makes the  boundaries clear, so that no one is left surprised by the amount paid, amount of work received, and who owns what.

You can probably find any contract you need by googling sample contracts.  I am using the sample contracts provided by Art Pact.  I also asked some of my contacts from my days working in a game store to give some advice.

As a note when you are making a contract please make the contract with the spirit of fairness. Do not be a jerk and try to take everything you can, you do want the person to work with you and be your friend after the agreement.

Soon, I will talk again with my artist to knock out the renaming details which are things I didn’t think about like deadlines.

Well I hope you guys are able to take something from this post,

Until next time …happy creating.