I consolidated some of the blog posts, I’ve made over the past couple of days, in an attempt to clean up and streamline my blog, without deleting my prior content.


Summer Challenge Day 9

Today left little time for design, and what I was able to achieve was hardly flashy. Today was a research day.  After 2 play test events I took some time to research localisation for the Japanese market and just walked out with a big headache.

Well till next time good luck!

Summer Challenge Day 10

This is the last day before the trip to Kyoto and I was desperately trying to get the new prototype for The Dress Game. I made great progress, but failed to make a playable prototype.  I will bring the older hard to read prototype to try to work out some of the scoring details.

Summer Challenge:

First day working out of the office.

So today on the way to Kyoto I had a couple of victory’s.  I was able to contact someone to get an editor and I bounced some ideas with my sister-in-law.  Here’s hoping  the rest of the week will be as productive.

Summer Challenge:

Hit a rock but not broken

Well the Kyoto trip was more demanding then I thought.  So I took a few days without any progress on any of my games.  It felt good to work on the dress game again.  Soon I can print a prototype.

Well until next time fair well and good luck.

Summer Challenge The Do & Re-dos

Today’s project was checking and finishing the dress game.  One day I will finish the prototype.  But this time I discovered that all the files were wrong.  My organizational scheme made it difficult to check and adjust the card files.  So tomorrow will be about backtracking and remaking the card PDF.  It is not a complete loss but there will still be a lot of work to re-do.

Well I hope you all are having better luck then me.

Game Design Summer Challenge (stumbling blocks and breakthroughs)

I am pleased to say after some frustrating days I finely had a break through.  I have finished the first prototype of the dress game and tomorrow I can print.  This prototype took way longer then I thought it should take.  I think a lot of time was spent figuring out how to make the different elements of the cards.  What took me 2 days to do the first time  around (wrong),  today took my only 1 hour to do right.

Well that’s all for today.

Until next time,

Good Luck.