For today, I dusted off my notes for The Dress Game.


The Dress Game is a card drafting game, where you are assembling outfits for a tea party.  You gain points by coordinating colors. Then a second round of points for taking pictures with another player.

The first 2 challenges for this game are the graphic design of the cards, and the points from the photo session with the other players.

I usually don’t worry about the graphic design so early in the processes but for this game, I have been finding that this game slows down a lot if the players can not quickly tell which accessories work well together and which don’t.   And that slowdown distracts from the other aspects of the game.

As far as the photo sessions go, I have been finding it difficult to get the photo sessions to work right.  The idea is that the players will get about half the points from there dress and about half there points from taking pictures with their friends. The points from the photo session will go to both players in that particular picture.  Because all the players get to pick one picture then a player can gain ground by having a lot of people taking pictures with them.

So that is where it is. I think the first step is to make another prototype for this game, I am thinking that maybe 2 sided cards might be interesting for this game, that would mean that players will always see what colors are in everyone’s hand but not what accessory

So once again you can participate in the Summer challenge too. Pick something you want to work on, and until  August 24th tell us about it in the comment section below.

Until tomorrow,

Good Luck