The summer challenge continues…


Again today I worked more on Gate Crashers.  Yesterday I divided up the victory points in to 3 kinds of victory points.  Today I changed the tiles to display the victory point on both sides of the tile.  So now when you Loot the city you know what kind of victory points you will get from a tile but you don’t know what ability you can get out of that tile.  The other thing added was a wall mechanic where you build walls throughout your village as you build it from the looted tiles. The walls are the red lines in the image below.


The Play Test 

On the bright side, the changes to where victory points are shown added meaning to what your barbarians movement on the board is.  Meanwhile I caught myself contemplating, if whether or not I should use a card  because of it’s ability, it’s victory points or it’s wall.

On the downside there are periods in the game, where your just pushing your pawn but not gaining anything.  This is not so good because these “pushing” turns are not so interesting.

This play test also gave me an interesting idea. In the Classic Knizia lowest of 3 kinds scoring method, the 3 kinds of victory points are almost identical.  What if each kind of victory points comes from a different mechanism in the game.  So for example, if we are making a city building game; you may earn one kind of point for building a particular kind of building and get another kind of point for the length of your road through your city  and a third kind of point for having a building next to a river. From the 3 kinds of points, the one that is fewest is the score at the end of the game.

I will have to chew on this concept for a bit.

Same as last time you can participate in the Summer challenge too. Pick something you want to work on, and until August 24th tell us about it in the comment section in these posts.

Until tomorrow,

Happy Designing