Today I will look closer at Gate Crashers.

Today I was looking at cost curves.

Again Gate Crashers is a new idea where you loot a city and use what you smashed, to build up your own towns.

The basic cycle is:

1) Destroy buildings

2) That building is now a card in your hand

3) Build buildings from the cards in your hand to gain more power

4) Smash a bigger building.

So, what I did was reworked the building strengths in Gate Crashes. I also played with the bonuses you get when you rebuild those buildings. Now each level of building is exponentially fewer as building strength increases.  Also there is 3 kinds of victory points for a Knizia style victory, lowest of the 3 kinds of victory points is your score.


After the change, I did the obligatory self play test.  I found that with the increased number of smaller cards, you did have more choices for where to go but the game does not communicate well, what you will get either in victory points or in bonuses.  I think there is also room for a more interesting rebuilding mechanic like the walls in Alhambra.


Unfortunately, I was hoping to get more done today, but I seem to have come down with a cold. I hope to try some of these changes tomorrow and see what comes of it.

So once again you can participate in the Summer Challenge too. Pick something you want to work on, and until  August 24th tell us about it in the comment section below.

Until tomorrow,

Good Luck!