Summer Challenge 2015

Well summer vacation has started in Japan, so I am placing a challenge for myself. And you can sit and watch.

So The Challenge! Everyday from now until – August 24th I will post progress on my various game design projects.

And I invite everyone to do the same with one of their projects.

So, let’s start with a statues update.

P Duels *working title*

This used to be my cake game.  Right now I am working with an artist and  I am preparing this game for printing.

It still needs a lot of play testing before I send it out to a printer.


The Dress Game *working title*

This is a card drafting game that I have been working with.  It uses the color wheel for scoring.


Gate Crashers

My newest idea, you are playing a barbaric horde and you are smashing apart a city and using the loot to build your own town.


So now it is your turn. Pick something you want to work on, and until August 24th tell us about it in the comment section in these posts.

Until tomorrow,

Good Luck